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It’s Your Fault

Are you sick of listening to people making excuses and blaming all around them for things not going to plan?

Maybe you are one of these people.

“I’ve tried everything and I just can’t seem to loose the weight” “I was going to go training today but…………” “I can’t get the hang of [insert skill here] “I lost the sparring match because of the weather/got a cold/headache………/……../……..” “I’ll join the […………..] class next week cos my friend isn’t able to start till then either”

Well I got news for you.

It’s your fault.

You failed because you wanted to.

Sound a bit harsh? OK, lets put kid gloves on. Did you put every effort into completing whatever task you are making excuses for? What were your reasons for not going training? Write them down and really have a good look at them, are they acceptable? Why can’t you loose the weight? Try keeping a journal of EVERYTHING you eat and all your activity, look at it at the end of the week. Maybe you weren’t trying as hard as you thought. You lost at sparring, get better! No need to look for anything else, simply improve. If there is a skill you’re struggling with, practice, and seek out somebody to help you (that’ll be your instructor or a senior student) Why wait for you’re friends before you get off your arse and start a class/course? Who says they’ll ever be ready, will you wait indefinitely?

Take responsibility for your own actions and your own in actions.

I have a whole list of failures behind me, and I was to blame for every single one.

Getting beat in a tournament, I didn’t train hard enough. Not getting my predicted time in the 2004 Dublin marathon, I didn’t stick to the plan. Not becoming self employed sooner, procrastination.

It’s my fault and by recognising that fact I could learn from it.

If you blame everyone else, you’ll never learn and you’ll never improve.

Wild Geese every cause but our own

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