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6 Week Beginners Kettlebell Course

Would you like to learn how to train with a Kettlebell?

Over 6 weeks, Coach Seb will take you safely and progressively through the key lifts, build them into short, efficient full body workouts and help you build strength, mobility and endurance, to lose bodyfat and gain a confidence and self belief beyond measure.

The Kettlebell Lifts are famous for building strong, resilient backs and hamstrings, for building powerful glutes and a real core strength.

They are not a bodybuilding tool for building large, pumped muscles, rather they are the tool of choice for those looking for all day strength and endurance without added mass.

Wg-Fit have trained people using Kettlebells as our primary tool since 2009.
Clients include World and European Champion athletes, new Mums, busy office executives, injured sportspeople and those looking for a no nonsense, fluff free training experience that will help them live life to their fullest.

If this sounds like you, book in on the next course, or scroll down to the contact form and ask us a question


14 Magennis Place

Pearse St

Dublin 2


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