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Everybody loves free stuff.

What is the one thing we get for free at the start of our life?

Yes, you are right, we get our health. At least the majority of us and maybe some of us get an inheritance :).

We are born healthy.

I am not talking about some extreme situations happening which can complicate things. I have a brother who is paraplegic, all his life, over 46 years he spent sitting and not being able to move much.

I am talking about the avarege person, You and I.

We are all born with the ability to move, to squat, to crawl, we are born healthy. As our life’s go on we start messing things up slowly, month by month year by year. It's our fault, not somebodie elses, some people stop taking care of their bodies, they take them for granted and think that they will serve them a long time without problems, without the need to maintain them with good foods and excercise.

With time some of us stop doing the basic movements and as we get older, we struggle to do them. I see 20 something year old guys who struggle to do good quality push ups, squats, pull ups. If they struggle with this in their 20’s and it doesn’t get addressed imagine what they are going to be in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.

Another thing is the eating habits/diets of many.

Of course it's not my business what people eat, you do whatever you want. Everyone is responsilbe for their own life. I think people owe it to themselfs to eat healthy and to be healthy, I think you also owe it to the peolpe around you.

There is no need to eat homecooked meals all the timeItry to keep a 80% - 20% ratio and you will be ok.

I like a takeaway from time to time, some chicken wings with my Guiness :).

The problems start when that 3kg of weigh gain from this year transferns into the next year and the same happens the following years and so on. If my math is correct in 5 years alone you will have gained 15 kg, and that probably won’t all be muscle mass😉.

I usually put on some weight during holidays. I am not saying that this is right. The thing is that once I get back into my routine I know I will lose it, and also I can't say no to my mothers cooking.

It kills me to see people wasting away their potential, not trying to get better or just giving up.

Some people get a warning slap, blood tests came back negative, sugar to high, some inflamation going, some get a big kick like a hearth attack etc. that scares them and then they start doing some changes in their lifes.

The good thing is that we have to power to change it if we realy want to.

I get it that it may be hard to get to the gym, to work out in general, especially now, times are hard, people work a lot, alot of us are stressed. It’s just that we can’t realy afford not take care of yourself, especially if you have a Family, kids who depend on you, they will need you for as long as possible and preferably in good shape so you can keep up with them.

Also, did you try to get a hospital appointment, good luck with that.

Believe me when I say that the hardest part of your workout is to leave the house or, if you workout at home to start your workout. Once you get to the gym, once you start your workout you will finish your session, you will feel btter, even if it’s only 20 minutes.

You may say that it is easy for me to say, I am in the gym all day, the thing is that because I am there all day sometimes it’s even harder for me to workout some days, exactly for that reason. Once I start moving it gets easier, don’t overthink it, just go for it, make it your habit and be consistent with it.

The same goes for people's eating habits, people know exactly what is good for them to eat, what keeps them healthy.

Don’t get confused by BS you see online. Make sure you eat your protein, eat your veggies and fruits, don’t be afraid of carbs (bread/potatoes/pasta are delicious).

I think the take home point from all of this is that for the majority of us covering our basics can be enough to have a healthy life.

Throw in some Vitamin D3, maybe some magnesium and creatine monohydrate and you are good to go.

Keep it simple.

All the best


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