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AIKLF – Dublin workshop

A big thanks to Jason Kelly, founder of the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation ( for coming down to the Wild Geese Headquarters and running his foundation level workshop.

I think I can speak for all the attendees when I say that the methods taught and the quality of instruction are second to none.

Jason has been accepted into the camp of 7 times world champion Vasilly Ginko, he travels over regularly to train under Vasilly as well as other world champs, athletes, fighters and fitness enthusiasts in Latvia. Jason told us about his hero when he goes out there.

“When I train,” Jason Says, “on this side of me is a guy called Ed. Ed is 65 years olds, and with the help of the kettlebell training is fit, strong and flexible. When I get to 65, I would love to have Ed’s barrel chest and muscle endurance. He’s an inspiration.”

If your still in any doubt of the effectiveness of kettlebells and their training methods, come down to me, or wait till Jason’s next visit, and give it a go. Imagine a room full of serious lifters, trainers and fighters getting put in their box by kettlebells that weigh less than their usual warm up weights. I hope to have comments direct from the attendees soon.

Till then

Wild Geese / every cause but our own the metal NEVER lies

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