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2 Workshops, 1 Cert

Sometimes you just have to get a little bit giddy and excited.

Here’s my excited face:

But seriously, the next couple of months promise to be awesome!

Here’s why, in order of appearance:

Upper Body Mobility & Strength Workshop

Taught by me Hosted by Gan Power in GP Fitness, Tramore.

Stuff you’ll learn: Joint mobility from the finger tips all the way to the spine Mobility drills taken from: -Martial Arts -Gymnastics -Anatomy in Motion -and more

Scapula control and why it is vital to the shoulder Relationships between the shoulder, the scapula and the spine How to improve these relationships to strengthen and injury proof the body Breathing drills And whatever else we have time for!

2 Day Workshop with Yuri Marmestein

Hosted in Wild Geese.

so, Yuri who?

this guy is Yuri Marmestein: He can do stuff you can’t but would really like to, don’t beleive me?


This is the facebook event page with full details of the workshop content:

and now the cert…..

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) Level 1


Kettlebells are here to stay. But as they become more and more common, more courses and certifications are springing up to teach their usage.

I’ve seen the results of many of these courses.

And they’re shocking.

The CKT is the anti-dote.

2 days covering the fundamentals in minute detail. Not just looking at how to perform the exercises, but why.

And if you know the why behind an exercise, any exercise, you get to see the principles. Understand the principles and the applications become endless.

I’ve personally used kettlebells to train not just the general public for general fitness, but also Kickboxers, Thai boxers, BJJ players, Mountain Bikers, Triathletes, Kettlebell Sports athletes, RKC & SFG hopefulls and more. No one method or style of kettlebell training suits all those peoples needs. Which is why the IKFF isn’t about styles, nor am I.

We teach from a place of principles so you can decide your application.

Bookings are being taken now, details are here:

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