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Training Log – 14/2/11

It’s valentines day today so I had to lift the red kettles…..

Warm up: 1 min skipping alternated with 1 minute indian clubs x 8 mins

Long cycle x 10 x 12, 16, 24kg

Work sets:

long cycle: 32kg x 10 (5rm) 32kg x 13 (5rm) 20kg x 7min

Hip thrusts 72kg x 16 x 1

Now for breakfast…

Regards Dave


  1. The 1 Mile Kettlebell Challenge is fast approaching, we will be kicking of at a new time of 12.45pm on feb 26th on Sandymount Strand. The new time is because Today FM have said they’ll be down to support us! If you can’t make the day you can still sponsor us by following this link:

  2. Boot Camp is already half over, drop us an email asap to book your place on the march Boot Camp before it is completely sold out.

  3. The Next Kettlebell Workshops, Levels 1 & 2 are scheduled for Sunday 20th Feb, drop me a line to let me know you’re coming

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