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Training Log – wk ending 26/8/12

Another busy week so training was a bit intermittent. I did however get back to throwing some iron around, first time in over a month I’ve done anything other than demo the kettlebell. Still kept up a good relationship with the foam roller, we’re thinking of getting engaged soon…..


Swings! 24kg hand to hand swings x 100 Double 16kg 1 handed swing x 50 l/r 40kg 1 hand swing x 50 l/r 24kg hand to hand swings x 100

Nice. Also to grease the groove pull ups throughout the day.


Swings again: laid out all the bells: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44 and did pyramids: 10 reps 2hand swings 8 through 44 and back 10 reps left hand swing 8 through 36 and back 10 reps right hand swing 8 through 36 and back 10 reps 2 hand swing 8 though 44 and back

Taught for two hours then joined in on the conditioning class for a circuit of:

  1. Bodyweight rows

  2. Knee Jump to Long Jump

  3. Ab Wheel

  4. Battling Rope

  5. Ring Push ups (played around with arm excursions on these)

  6. Jump Switch Lunges

  7. Sledgehammer Slams

We did 4 rounds on a variety of work to rest ratios. It felt gooooood


Tight for time so only a quick 300 squats


Again trained with my class, using the guys energy for my own motivation.

Warm up with mobility, squats, push ups, lunges

1: Double KB Front Squats to low box 5 reps x 16’s, 20’s, 24’s, 28’s and 4 x 32’s (ths was the first loaded squat in months!) 2A: 1 Arm Push Up L/R x (1,2,3,4,5) x 3 2B: Pull Up + 20kg x (1,2,3,4,5) x 3 3: Double KB Clean/Burpee 5×5

stretch to cool down.


No training other than a few pull ups here and there and some quality time with my foam roller.


Playing coach. With my guys at the Irish Kettlebell Sports Championships. Did play a little in the warm up area as i helped the guys but felt the rack possition straight away. Its definitely a hip extension issue I have. Pressing bells overhead is no worry, but the jerk is a problem.

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