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Training Log – Week ending 3/8/12

Hand still banjaxed so still slightly limited in exercise selection, but still plugging away.


1: Squats x either 475 or 525 (Target was 500, lost count for a minute so did 25 to make sure I was in/around the goal) 2: 90 degree hang with slow pedalling to failure x 3 3: Wrestlers Bridge x 1min 4: Scorpions x 10L/R


Just one of those days so didn’t get chance to train, took it as a rest day.


1: Squats x 400 (possibly 450, must sort out a system for counting!) 2: Battling Rope x 5mins (1min double, 1min alternating, 1 min grappler, 1 min alternating, 1min double) 3: Plank +20kg x 1m15, 45s (this was tough after the ropes)

Thursday (with my class):

1: Squats x 250 2: 28kg Jerk x 10l/r, 8l/r, 6l/r, 4l/r, 2l/r 3: 28 kg cleans left hand only while the class repeated the above format. 4: Boat x 1min 5: Vsits x 1min 6: Wrestlers Bridge x 1min 7: T-Pose x 1min 8: Plank +20kg x 1min


1: Squats x 666 2: BW rows x 40 x 1 3: Roundhouse kicks x 50l/r

Good week.

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