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Winter is coming...

If you have followed me for any length of time, you'll be familiar with my cold weather plumage.

This is my "Buff" a cylindrical tube of fabric that can be worn in a number of ways from neck scarf, facemask, bandana (my usual), beanie and more.

I've worn them for years ever since buying my first back when I lived in the English Lake District way back at the turn of the millennium.

I've worn them running, walking and biking in mountains in the Lakes, Andorra, Nepal, Australia, Wicklow and the Mourne Mountains. they suit my suit my basic rule that any kit I buy must live up to:

It is simple, practical and versatile.

It is certainly simple. It is certainly versatile. For the high paced stuff, the bandana style is a single layer of fabric so keep the chill off the head but doesn't overheat. Beanie style is 2 layers and much warmer. The facemask has been fantastic at higher altitudes in the snow to keep the wind-chill off the face, it'll also pass for a mask going in and out of most public spaces. And the neck scarf was a standard of mine on the doors in the winter.

It's genuinely a piece of kit I would hate to be without, especially in the colder parts of the year.

You now have the opportunity to be almost as cool as I am.

You can't have my flame design (I've other more demure ones, but this is my favourite) but you can have a custom WG-Fit design

This isn't an official "Buff" because over the years their prices have gone up and up, these are custom designed and sent out by Printful who we've partnered with.

Printful are also making the Flip Flops also available from our shop.

If you want to keep your head and/or neck warm while looking cool, you need your own WG-Fit neck gaiter.

Then you too can be (almost) as cool as Dave!

Oh, here's me snatching wearing mine...

Get your WG-Fit Head/Neck Scarf here (and have a look at the Flip Flops while you're at it):


Dave Hedges

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