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What's the best detox for your body ?

Of course, a healthy and good functioning liver and kidneys which are supported by a good diet.

Another way to help the body to detox from some heavy metals may be sweating.

We are sweating when we are hot, when we are stressed, when eating spicy foods, when we have a fever, when working out, it’s our body’s way to cool us down.

Preliminary studies reported here found that the concentrations of heavy metals (Ni, Pb, Cu, and As) in sweat after dynamic exercise were higher than those in sweat after experiencing a thermal sauna environment, indicating that different sweating methods may affect the excretion of heavy metals in sweat. The results can serve as a reference for sweat detoxification while performing daily activities.

Link to study at the bottom.

We have sweat glands all over our bodies, as the sweat evaporates, we cool down.

Everybody sweats – some a little, some a lot and if you are prince Andrew you don’t.

What’s in sweat?

- Electrolytes – sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium

- Water

- Some heavy metals – mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, nickel

There may be people trying to get to detox after Christmas, going on some juice cleanse diets etc. Instead of torturing yourself with them try a bit of exercise.

You’ll get fitter, feel better and you probably are going to sweat out some heavy metals.

Don’t waste your money on detox supplements and juice cleanses, although there is one supplement which may be beneficial, but I won’t tell you now 😊.

Link to study

All the best


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