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The Perfect Exercise

There is no such thing as the perfect exercise

But we can argue for exercises that give the most ROI

Pretty much the best single exercise for most people most of the time is the humble Kettlebell Swing

A good swing that is

With a good hip hinge, a nice stretch load on the hamstrings and the bell only traveling as high as the hips propel it.

Wether you do Hard Style or Kettlebell Sport Style, I couldn't care less.

So long as you do it well

(If you search this blog you'll find umpteen posts most with videos, on how to swing, or buy the Level 1 Kettlebell Manual from my shop)

There's likely a style of swing to suit everyone

Hard style, sport style, 1 hand, hand to hand, 3 different breath patterns, staggered stance

But stay away from the fancy pants Instagram swings, and mickey mouse weights.

Why the swing?

I've already given it away....

It's the way that the back swing stretch loads the hamstrings.

Hammies love being bouncy

Treat them like the elastic bands that they are.

Still do your squats, your push ups and your Turkish Get Ups

But you can swing,vand swing pretty hard 3-5 times per week

Sets of 3

Sets of 5

Sets of 10, 20, 50 even 100+

Just don't be surprised people start stepping out of your way on the street!


Dave Hedges

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