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Training with 7 Times World Kettlebell Chamo, Vasily Ginko

This is a pic of me with the 7 times World Kettlebell Lifting Champion Vasily Ginko.

And I have to tell you he’s a real gentleman, if i was as big and powerful as this lad, I’d be a bad bugger!!

Joking aside, this lad is the real deal, I thought I knew my way around a kettlebell, but was shown a whole new world over the course of the weekend.

Vasily showed us the competition lifts, building them up in layers of detail, far more than you’ll get in any book or youtube footage, various juggling techniques and a whole range of supplemental exercises for strength, power, power endurance and stamina.

As an unexpected bonus we were all (I think there were 7 of us) given a manual to back up all the info given.

The weekend was also the kick off for the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation (AIKLF) which is affiliated to the International Union of Kettlebell lifters (check out The AIKLF is hoping to field a team in the 2009 amature games held in Latvia, while the IUKL is campaigning to have the sport entered into the Olympics.

It seem kettlebells are much more than the “fad” so many of it’s detractors are calling it.

I hope to have a full report on when I get the rest of the photo’s in from the rest of the gang.

A big thanks to Vasily and to Jason King for organising the event.

All the Best


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