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Movement Fundamentals

In the past while teaching various workshops, especially workshops aimed at fellow professionals, I ask the question:

What are the most fundamental human movements

To which we get a whole load of different answers depending on people’s backgrounds.

And that’s cool.

The fact that people have different backgrounds and points of view is excellent.

But also leads to a lot of points of view that differ because of the history that precedes it.

Even when I teach fitness instructors, I teach the very simple 5 categories that world renowned coach Dan John speaks of:

Upper Body Push Upper Body Pull Hinge Squat Everything else

For those I spend more time with I talk about Mike Boyle’s Alternating Joint theory.

But even those are over simplifications. Yes, they cut through the schools of movement: Gymnastics, Dance, Powerlifting, Martial Arts etc, and focus on the body itself. But it’s still not complete

That’s why we use Anatomy in Motion.

Because AiM has nothing to do with any type of training or sport. It only cares about how how the joints themselves move. Why they move Or don’t move. And how we can make them work better in conjunction with each other.

This is fundamental movement.

Not crawling or squatting.

They are comprised of an orchestra of joint actions. Actions that happen unconsciously Actions that happen is sequence Actions that if any one is compromised, it can upset the whole system.

And that means every athlete benefits. From our Kyokushin Karate or Kettlebell Sport champions, to our general fitness population.

Sean and Aneta who both won Silver medals in their respective events this weekend

Fundamentals cut to the basics of the human animal and lay the foundation that we can build fitness and specialisation on top of.


Dave Hedges

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