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Tips for keeping strong in the busy period


I've not blogged in a few weeks.

Why not?

I could blame a number of things but essentially I just didn't.

What I have done over the last few weeks is teach workshops in Galway and North Germany, do a 2 day stint in WG-FIT itself and have been absolutely flat out between the online training clients, the Dungannon Clinic and my own kids.

It's been whistle stop busy!

Even my training took a bit of a back seat only managing to hit 1-2 sessions per week.

Now, this is not a problem either.

What do I do when training time suffers? When days are long and compressed to the point where even stopping to eat is difficult?

I grease the groove

That means doing several submaximal sets of an exercise over the course of the day.

It means doing a few pull ups on the Doorway bar in the kitchen.

It means doing pistol Squats here and there.

It means doing isometric holds against walls, doorframes even against myself (I should do a video on this)

And it means doing breathing exercises as an absolute minimum.

There's a term used in the health and fitness sector called NEAT.

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Basically, the calorie cost of the day's activities, not including any fitness training.

When you are in a busy phase of life, increasing your NEAT should become a priority if you're not going to get in your regular training.

Grease The Groove is a great way to achieve this.

You are going to take breaks through the day, you’ll go to the toilet, you'll get a drink or some food from the kitchen, you maybe just stand up away from whatever you're doing for a minute.

So use these times to do a Squat, or a stretch, do a Vacuum, an isometric hold, a rehab motion.

These simple, high frequency, low volume exercises add up.

They will adjust the mental state, shift the arousal levels.

They will pump some blood and lymph

They will build skills in the actions practiced.

And they will keep you ticking over for when you can return to your normal routine.

Now, there's a load of stuff I do want to write about, and I do have time coming up to do some writing, so expect some posts coming at you soon..

Till then,

Dave Hedges

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