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The BIGGEST Mistake People Make in their Training

What’s one of the biggest mistakes I see in people’s fitness training?

What’s probably the greatest cause of injury?

What have I personally fallen victim so damn often, I really can talk about this with some authority?

Being outcome driven.

Yup, that. Just that.

Being so focussed on the end goal, on achieving that you fail to take the necessary steps, in the necessary order at the necessary pace to actually get there.

There’s a reason martial arts guys have a grading system where techniques are introduced only when a particular level of competence has been achieved.

Exercise and training is supposed to be a support system that elevates your performance in other regions.

You might be training for full contact Karate, like Aneta who’s fighting this weekend.

Shane and Aneta Worlds

You might be like Maria and take on Europes best Kettlebell lifters.


Or maybe you’re more like Colin who got back into training when he realised he was struggling to play on the floor with his kids.

(I’ve no pictures of Colin………sorry)

Train for competition, train for sports or simply train for life.

It doesn’t change the fact that being good at an exercise or performing an exercise to a certain standard is not, nor should it be the end goal.

The goal is the process.

And the process is about continual improvement.

And that takes practice and patience.

The more patient you are, the better you will become over a longer timeline.

The more you rush towards that end point, the shorter your journey will become as you either plateau, burn out or blow up.

Many of my clients get frustrated as they feel I’m holding them back. They’re expecting to train much harder than I’m allowing them and they get frustrated.

Frustrated that is, until it becomes time to perform.

And that’s the real evidence of a good training process.

Not how hard it was, but how well you performed.

It’s what I teach daily in Wild Geese and is also what I’ll be teaching in the online training group over on


Dave Hedges

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