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The Art of Talking Without Talking

Recently I had the pleasure of being sent on a training course.

The course was called Respect, and is, for all intents and purposes, the control and restraint module for people working in the health care sector.

It's definitely not the control and restraint I've used, trained and taught in my years in the security industry.

There's a lot of theory and background taught on this course, which I always find interesting.

I always find that if you pay attention to the details, listen to the history and development, you start to see beyond the techniques and methods and instead you see the principles that under pin those methods.

And I love principles.

My entire coaching career in WG-Fit is based on the application of principles.

The snippet I want to talk about today is about communication.

I was told about a man named Albert Mehrabian who in 1971 came up with the idea that communication can be identified as:

  • 7% words

  • 38% tone

  • 55% body language

Now, there are many that would argue with him. But in my experience, I think he's on our near the mark.

As a coach, a doorman, even as a dad, I've always been very aware of my body language and tone of voice when communicating.

What we term Non-Verbal communication, according to our Albert makes a whopping 93% of how our message is received.

Is it any wonder there's so many misconstrued arguments online?!

Now, consider your posture, your body language.

What message is it sending out?

How would that message change with the strength in your back, hips and shoulders that the kettlebell builds?

With the sure footwork and stance of a martial artist?

How would your non verbal communication sound then?

Is this something you have ever considered?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about those faux aggressive folk, with the "imaginary lat syndrome" and constant frown.

I'm simply talking about strong legs, hips and back that help you stand proud, and move lithely.

I'm talking about the confidence that comes from testing your limitations, of knowing that you're not made of glass.

That feeling that when someone bumps against you, they look twice.

It's one of the goals behind the WG-Fit method, the general fitness workouts in our group sessions and online app.

A goal of granting physical competence that not only changes how you see yourself, but how others see you.

And we're recruiting right now


Dave Hedges

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