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Make Your Self Redundant

One of my Lunchtime Fitness regulars referred a work colleague to me for an Anatomy in Motion session as she was in a fair amount of pain.

He told me how she’d said to him that the session was:

  1. Educational

  2. Informative

  3. Mind Opening.

Now I think about it, there was no mention in any reduction of her symptoms…….. hmmm…..

During the session we did make great progress, managing to get her standing posture from where it was when she cam in to something closer to Human shaped.

She did notice a difference physical, but it was the change in her face, her mood and her energy levels that stood out to me.

And that came about largely from the conversation we had during the session.

My job, in fact the job of any Coach / Trainer / Instructor / Therapist is to make themselves redundant.

To give clients the tools to become independent, free and able to live life in any way they choose.

We don’t just give exercises and say “do this, do that, get on with it” We explain, we show, we demonstrate and most importantly we try to find a common language in which to do this.

And the only way to find that common language is by listening.

There’s no point me talking about how taking the Gleno Humeral Joint into Extension drives an anterior tilt and protraction of the scapula as it glides over a flexing rib cage.

No point at all.

That’s like when I hear my Lunchtime guys who almost all work in IT start talking about computer code.

It’s meaningless to me.

So me using big words to my clients, is meaningless to them.

We need to find the right story, or as I like to say, “the right lie” to explain things. And once the client begins to understand, they begin to gain their independence from me.

And that is the point.


Dave Hedges

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