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Taking it personally

I'm watching Kingdom on Netflix

It's only episode 2, but I am already identifying with Frank Grillo's character.

Running a specialist gym is Hard, with a capital H

A regular gym is easy by comparison.

That's simply about selling more memberships than exist based on the assumption that most people won't turn up.

It's horrible business model.

At least it is if the coaches give a shit.

Which I do.

So does Seb.

We take coaching personally.

So you not achieving the goals you think you want, that pisses us off.

You not giving us the feedback we need to help you achieve your goals, that pisses us off.

We can't run a regular gym because we care more about the results, the individuals in front of us than anything else.

Commercial gyms are kingdoms built on shaky foundations.

Wild Geese is a kingdom built on sweat and passion.

But that's why you're here isn't it?

Let me know

Dave Hedges

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