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Self Defence Training Group meet up

Earlier this month we had our first meeting of the Self Defence Training Group.

It went down very well.

The group was started on request from people attending my Self Defence and Rapid Response workshops, they wanted something more regular that they could use to keep their skills sharp, work on weak areas and basically get in some training.

So the group was born.

It’s not a closed group though, the sessions are open to all. In fact in this months session we had several people with zero self defence experience, all of whom learned a lot in those three short hours.

As this is a regular event, we will be able to progress people as they’re ready, develop skills appropriate to their needs and personality and gradually improve peoples ability to defend themselves should shit happen.

For the group I’ve set up a separate email list. This list is for the people interested in self defence and will only be used for notifying people of the next event as well as a follow up from the event just attended.

This won’t contain any of the usual good stuff on the main email list.

To get on that list and ensure you know about upcoming events, put in your email address here:

I want to be notified for upcoming Self Defence Training Sessions and Workshops:

Leave this field empty if you're human:

Of course , there will be no spamming or any of that nonsense.

Just an email to say when the next session is on and another email to say what we did in that session.

Get yourself subscribed.

I’ve just sent out the email to the list saying the next session is on the 27th Sept with booking details.

On Monday I’ll send out a reminder.

Without this email, you can’t book on.

It helps me keep things exclusive.

I can’t teach a huge group to the level I intend to teach and there’s no way I’ll water down my info.

Thats not the way I work.


Dave Hedges

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