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Screw "will power" build Discipline instead

Results in training are the result of consistent effort over a period of time. That's it. No magic pills. Just consistent effort. This requires discipline. Discipline is about making the right choices, the unpopular choices. Sometimes the choice is unpopular with your own brain, but you make it anyway. We can think of making these choices as a form of Strength training. The development of discipline is strengthening your mind, your so called "will power" I'm not a fan of will power, it's an ill defined and wooly concept.

But discipline, that's solid. It takes courage It takes effort But it gets easier with practice Start now, book into a class or appointment here, prep your bag and come in. The first one is easy. So is the second. But by the third or fourth session the novelty may have dulled a little, there might be some fatigue in the legs. Now you get to practice discipline. Keep that appointment with yourself, adhere to that commitment to improve, ignore the voices telling you to not bother. This is discipline And like physical attributes you develop on training, developing discipline will make your whole life easier. Regards Dave Hedges

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