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Make Your Shoulders Happy with the Bottoms Up Turkish Get Up

Last week I wrote about the Bottoms Up Kettlebell grip and waiters walk.

We talked about how and why I like to use them in Wild Geese, and how they benefit the shoulder.

Thanks to every one who got in touch following that post, it seems there’s a need for more information on the issue of shoulder friendly training.

So without further ado, lets pick up where we left off last week.

(If you missed the previous post, click HERE)

Now the next of my favourite Bottoms Up Kettlebell drills is the Turkish Get Up.

The Turkish Get Up done well is an excellent drill for shoulder health by itself.

I’ve chatted with several physiotherapists on this subject, and so far, non have disagreed.

But if we turn that Kettlebell upside down we take it to the next level.

World renowned strength coach and shoulder expert Eric Cressey of Cressey Sports & Performance, a guy who built a name for keeping baseball players healthy, is a huge advocate of this.

He said in one post, “it gives the athlete a proprioceptive rich experience”

Or something……

Sorry Eric.

Essentially we’re starting on our back, rolling to our side and then sitting up. All while stabilising a load overhead.

Now, if that load itself is unstable, we’ve a shed load of work to do in our shoulder complex to keep the weight steady as our body moves around underneath it.

We use the half getup  a lot with our injured guys. We use a full Bottoms Up Turkish get up less frequently, sometimes as a warm up for regular Get Ups with heavier loads.

This video explains the details of how to go about the lift and how to get the most out of it:

In next weeks post I’ll wrap up this series on the Bottoms Up Kettlebell lifts.

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Till next time


Dave Hedges

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