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5 Ways To Get The Best From Your Training

Driving the other day and on the radio came the classic Ian Drury track from 1977, "Reasons To Be Cheerful, part 3"

If you don't remember it, please, be my guest:

Why is this in a fitness blog?

Other than it's a great track?

Well, it's a list. The internet loves lists.

Here's 5 things to do TODAY to improve your training:

1: Sleep - set a bed time (or an awkening time) and stick to it. 7-9 hours kip, in a cool, dark room. Minimise artificial, especially blue light prior to settling. But mostly, be consistent and get get enough sleep! So, "why don't you get back into bed?"

2: Nasal Breathing - I'm a huge fan of Patrick McKeown's work on Buteyko Breathing, he's just done a podcast with Dr Rangan Chaterjee, if you havent come across his work yet, do your self a favour:

3: Foods of One Ingredient - This is about the only dietary advice I give. Basically if you try to eat foods that only have a single ingredient, you're going to feel pretty damn healthy and that will reflect in your performance. Examples: The ingredients of an Apple are: Apple The ingredients of Steak are: Cow The ingredients of Brussel Sprouts are: farts Brussel Sprout The ingredients of water is: Hydrogen DiOxide

It's really simple but quite profound to think like this. You'd be surprised at how much you start avoiding shite food. You can of course combine lots of single ingredient food together to make Bolognaise or Soups and so on, the slow cooker is incredible for this.

4: Have a focus. The people that I've trained over the years who get the best results for themselves, who make the fastest gains are always those who have something to train for and something to use their training for. Be that triathlon, mountain biking, martial arts, hiking, playing with their kids or whatever. It might be competitive, it be performance or it might simply be enjoyment, all that matters is that the training has a purpose. A use.

5: Hit the gym fundamantals, ir Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat and "everything else" Do some really really heavy Do some that gets your heart in your mouth Do something new from time to time But mostly do the basics and eschew the fancy shit.

If you do this, you will be doing rightly.

You will feel vital You will not have to search for a reason to be cheerful, instead, you will carry with you a feeling of satisfaction.


Dave Hedges

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