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Last Night’s Kettlebell Class, Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop and a New eBook

Lots happening here at WG HQ.

Don’t really know where to begin.

So lets start with last night’s Kettlebell Fitness class and work backwards….

The gang last night all came in fresh from whatever they got up to over Paddy’s day. I informed them that today will be snatch day. Due to my own shoulder injury, I’ve avoided snatching for the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t had my class doing it either. That was all about to change.

I decided to do a short “RKC” style snatch test. 5 minutes, change hands as often as you like. I told the lads that they had a minimun 16kg limit and glared hard at the experienced lads untill they put the 16’s back in the rack and took out heavier….

Every one of them got near the 100 reps mark, some just below others way over. Even the newer people in the group were getting 90+ Over the coming weeks and months as their form improves I’d expect to see them hit 100+ then step up to a heavier bell.

We then hit the front squats using the ladder protocol. All in a great session.

How are my injuries today? Fantastic, I feel great.

Yeah the shoulder is a little tight, the old injuries in the low back seem to be relaxing again, and all is well.

So that was just yesterday!

In other

news, there will be  a Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop on the 28th March, 12-2pm. As with the previous two Level 1’s, the money will be donated to the Lia Stem Cell Fund.

What is covered in the Level 2? We introduce one of the finest full body conditioners I’ve ever come across, the Turkish Get Up. This is a must for any fighter, it stabalises the shoulder, strenghens the entire core and moves nearly every joint in the body while under load. A real corker.

You will also advance on the Swing and Press that was learned in Level 1. These will be brought into the Push Press and the Clean.

So by the time you have completed the Level 2, you will be proficient in the following:

Front Squat Swing Clean Strict Press Push Press Turkish Get Up

All with a single kettlebell.

With those movements alone you can forge a phenonemal physique as well as take your athletic performance to a whole new level! I am also just about to start work on the accompanying workshop manuals. These will take a little time as I’m still putting the finishing touches to a different project named 1 Exercise Fat Loss and Conditioning.

“1 Exercise” is a new eBook that I’ve been working on, it’s currently being proof read by a few of my peers, hopefully I’ll have it up for sale on the site this time next week.

Whats special about “1 Exercise”? It answers probably the most common question I get asked:

“Whats the best exercise for loosing this?” asked as the questioner pats their belly.

When I answer I always get one of two reactions 1 – A blank look, or 2 – Shock and horror

Number 2 is my favorite.

So I sat down and wrote out a manual on what I consider to be the best exercise for fat loss. It just also happens to be the best conditioning exercise for my combat athletes.

And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter untill I get it back from the proof readers…

Untill next time


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