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Join me & 4 Top Instructors for 2 Days of Awesome Karate Jitsu Training

I’m over here in Lancaster, England where it’s been pretty cool catching up with my past.

It’s almost 20 years since I left this town, but I lived here from the age of 8 to 19. And it’s here that my journey into Martial Arts and Physical Fitness began.

At age 11, I discovered the St Martins Junior Karate Club lead by Jack Parker Sensei.

Over the next 8 years I went from a soft, lazy kid, into a focussed and dedicated teen. And it was all down to Jacks mentoring.

And I’m not the only one that feels this way.

I still say that Wild Geese wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t met Jack.

Now, this year St Martins Junior Karate club turns 30 years old. It’s now run by my old sparring partners, Paul Turner & Chris Haggan.

They’ve asked me to teach a section on the 30 year anniversary seminar they’ll be running on May 23rd & 24th.

Myself and 4 other instructors will each be teaching a section over the two days.

You’ll get to learn from:

Paul Nelis who’s a 5th Dan Ju Jitsu and 1st Dan Wado Ryu Karate. He’ll be teaching some of Wado’s root techniques, as the system was founded by a Ju Jitsu practitioner.

Steve Lowe, teaching Yawara & Kubotan. In other words, dirty, sneaky ways to use small pointy things in a fight!

Michael Dickinson, also a Ju Jitsu & Karate Dan grade who’ll be looking at Kumite and sparring.

Chris Denwood will be doing the practical applications of the Karate Kata.

And then there’s little ole me. I’ll teach a section on Knife Defence with an emphasis on being very practical and efficient.

I’m very much looking forwards to this event, it’s not often that I dust of my martial arts instructor hat except for the handful of self defence course I run each year, but having the opportunity to learn from the other instructors, especially the segments taught by Paul & Chris.

They’re only asking for £30 per person (waaaaayyyy too cheap!!)

And of course, all proceed from this will be given to the St John’s Hospice ( <——- so feel free to donate more…….)

Details are here on this poster:


If you can make it, if you’re in the region, or even if you’re prepared to travel, do so.

I’ll see you there.

That ticket link again:

and don’t forget to let me know if you’ll be attending or simply donating as places are strictly limited!


Dave Hedges

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