Integrated Training, Mental Health and a Mile of Swings

A couple of random thoughts for today.

In no particular order:

1st- Hylete Fitpro Nominations.

You may or may not have noticed those slinky black trousers I wear every day in work (they’re not the same pair every day! I do have several……..)

Well they’re from a company called Hylete who make some really really nice training clothes. And by nice, I’m not talking about the look of them, I’m no fashionista, but the feel while moving, training and being awesome.

And the durability.

It’s good shit.

Now, they’re running a Fit Pro nomination thingy, and it seems a few of you have nominated me already, Hylete won’t tell me who nominated, but thank you.

Anyhow, if you haven’t done so yet, the nominations are almost over so if you want to get in there and give me a last minute nudge……….

Here’s the link: 

A photo posted by HYLETE (@trainhylete) on Aug 27, 2016 at 8:59am PDT

2nd – Is Your Training Integrated into Your Life?

I was recently interviewed for the I Am Awake and Alive podcast run by my US buddy Mark Smith.

Well, he also asked me to write an article for his site.

So here it is, a short post on how you can avoid being one of those gym bunny types who seems to leave all their awesomeness in the gym and instead become a truly useful human animal by integrating your training with your entire life.

Have a read:

And Last but not least….

Fancy joining me as I walk a mile swinging a Kettlebell?

If you follow any of my online musings, you’ll be aware of the work I do with a local mental health charity. Every few years I do a big fundraiser for them, the money going direct to the service and the service users with none of it skimmed off for “expenses” or “administration costs”

This November I’m going to complete the mile swinging a 28kg kettlebell non stop. That’s 4 times around the track in Irishtown Stadium in Dublin.

And of course I’m looking for money.

How can you help?

Option 1: Give me your money, click this link to do just that (and please share said link):

Option 2: Grab a kettlebell, raise some money yourself and join me and several of my clients on the track, either as a solo swinger or form a team and relay that bell for a mile. Email me if you want to try option 2.

Here’s the event poster, please share this around:

And the charity donation site again (share this too):


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