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How to Train the Knees for BJJ

This is a response to a question I received a while ago.

It's one of those questions that would take a long time to write an answer for, but it can be done quite succinctly in a video.

So here's the video:

I have written before about knees and unfucking them, the series of posts "Knackered Knees, No More" spring to mind. <-- that's a link, feel free to click it Here's the first, I'm not sure the others survived the website updates, but I do have a project in mind to get writing an eBook on the subject, maybe a follow up to the Fighting Back eBook (<-- another link! ) which was created from people asking about back pain from BJJ

And final link....

If you're really struggling with your knees, you just may need someone to take a look, and that's what out Assessment process does. Currently we're only offering online video assessments, but as we use a movement based approach rather than hands on interventions, video works very well. Here's the link I promised, this takes you to the booking page for the assessments.


Dave Hedges

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