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Face your Demons

“6 months of training with you to the day, at least mostly your style of training and I feel and look the strongest and fittest I’ve been in 9 years. Thank you Dave!”

No Khalid, thank you. And, you’re very welcome.

I’m pretty crap at receiving complements, I get kind of embarrassed. The only thanks I require from my clients is the sweat they leave on the floor. But it is nice when a message like the one from Khalid comes in.

We are now entering final preparations with Khalid as he’s 5 weeks out from a boxing match, and I intend for him to be the one handing out punishment in the ring.

Buffy - facing demons never looked so good

To do this we’ve delved deep into my toy box, we’re lifting heavy, we’re doing tough circuits and high intensity conditioning and most importantly we’re looking all Khalid’s demons right in the eye right here in the gym, so when he steps into the ring on the day he’s nothing to worry about other than putting his opponent down.

For many, going into an athletic event, especially a fight is a frightening thing. Doubts rage in the back of your mind, and if you’re not careful these doubts will hold you back and drag you down. These are your Demons, but they can be beaten, if you put in the effort.

Over on the Boot Camp page I have a quote (it’s attributed to Vince Gironda, but its origin is kinda subject to debate…), it says “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”

In other words, as soon as you feel that the other guy is stronger or realise that you’re tiring faster than he is, your Demons will come out to play. Not only are you now fighting an opponent, but you are also fighting your own doubts and insecurities. The ring in not the place for this to happen.

In training you must take yourself to the darkest depths of your mind, you must lift things heavier than you’ve ever lifted, run faster than you’ve ever run, train until the room goes black, then train some more. You need to find every weakness you’ve ever had and train them into submission, so that when you climb through those ropes with the crowd chanting the other guys name, you have nothing left to fear.

You should be able to focus solely on the task ahead, emanating calm and confidence.

How do you train to achieve this? My methods vary according to whom I’m training; no two people are exactly the same. But I have developed a program that has taken several kickboxers to the next level, we call it Boot Camp, and it’s not just for fighters, any one may participate. The program is being turned into a manual, the first follow along workout program that I will have released publically. I don’t believe in cookie cutter workout programs, so have resisted publishing them before, but having seen the success of the Boot Camp on not just my fighters, but also on the others that have taken part, I feel inclined to share this with a wider audience.

We have one last Boot Camp of 2010 starting November 15th for 4 weeks, the one after will kick off on the 31st January. The manual will be ready as soon as I get a few spare minutes to sit and type it.



Next Kettlebell Workshop: 7th November – Level 4, Double Kettlebells, including the Long Cycle and more.

Next Boot Camp commences 15th November – This will be the last Boot Camp until February 2011

Email for more details (

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