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Fear is fascinating

It's really been brought into focus through 2020 how fear can manifest itself in a huge variety of ways.

The expression of fear varies from person to person, community to community etc

And also individual experience

For years I've taught that knowledge is the enemy of fear.

This isn't entirely accurate

Knowledge doesn't eliminate fear, it merely gives you the tools to understand why you are afraid.

Experience gives you the skills to utilise theses tools

And attitude determines whether you'll apply those skills in the first place

Fear exists for our own good, it's an ancient set of circuits that kept our ancestors alive long enough to pass on on their genes.

Today, we've so much less to be afraid of.

We're not likely to be predated upon

Most illnesses, injuries etc are survivable

And most of us, have adequate shelter that the elements aren't likely to kill us.

Yet fear is rampant

So what do we do about it?

It's simple although not necessarily easy .

Moderate the sources of news and information you rely on

Read into anything that worries you, dig beneath the surface and search out genuine experts

Do not listen to the baying crowds (social media especially)

Moderate your own stress / arousal states through breathwork, hydration and sleep

Exercise as a means to have time for yourself and also to "burn off" stress

But most importantly, question absolutely everything as a way to filter out the bullshit


Dave Hedges

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