Every Cause But Our Own

War battered dogs are we, Fighters in every clime; Fillers of trench and of grave, Mockers bemocked by time, War-dogs hungry and grey, Gnawing a naked bone, Fighters in every clime.. Every cause but our own.

“With the Wild Geese” by Emily Lawless

A long time a go people were leaving Ireland to join the ranks of the Wild Geese. They were leaving because their homeland was under attack and they were too small to put up a decent resistance, instead they’d travel and join their enemy’s enemy where they could now really make a difference.

In essecne they we’re mercenary warriors, fighting not for money, but for the good of their homeland. in the poem above this is summed up by the last line, “Every cause but our own”

We call ourselves Wild Geese. And we have just found a new cause to fight for.

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