Dave Does Dublin: February Visit

This is a wee reminder that I'll be down in Wild Geese this month taking appointments.

I'll be down on Friday 25th with appointment availability starting from 0900 through to the evening. And Sat 26th, again 0900 through until lunchtime or so.

I've already contacted the guys who first requested appointments, and they've mostly all booked in, so whatever is showing up is good to go.

Due to the weird website doohicky whatsits, I'm not adjusting the appointment types on this site, I tried before and it all went awry. So the Assessment and One to One sessions will show as online appointments, but they're in person, in Wg-Fit.


Clear as mud?

Here's where to book:

(don't worry, I understand the human body way better than I understand the interwebz)


(AiM Assessment NOT via Video Call, but via real, hands on, in person, in WG-Fit!)

And of course, I'd love see anyone and everyone who simply wants to drop in and say Hi, maybe even bring coffee......

It'll be good to see you


Dave Hedges www.WG-Fit.com www.DaveHedges.net

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