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Be Wary of Internonsense

You may have seen this floating around social media over the last few days:

And while I am a proponent of discipline, as much as I personally love the challenge of new skills.

This is not for everyone

There are many different personality types and many different personal situations.

If you have lost a job or had your income affected, you have more to worry about than learning a new skill

If you have young kids who are off school, you have your hands full

If you have elder relatives that you are not allowed to visit, then I'm sure you are worried

If your job handed you a laptop and told you to work from home, then you are still busy

If you are doing everything you can to take care of your family then you are a motherfucking rock star

If you choose to learn a new skill, it is a bonus, it is not mandatory.

Of course I will advise you to get in some training, many of you are logging workouts on the training app, or have been in touch regarding training, so I know many of you are keeping up with training.

If you're not, don't feel guilty.

Do remember the stress and mental health benefits associated with exercise, but don't let exercise cause you excess stress.

However you are spending time during this period, I'm sure you are doing the best for you and your family.

And if you are, you have discipline.

You are a legend



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