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An Easter Eggsperiment

Tomorrow is Easter Monday. Usually on a Monday there’s a good turnout at WG-Fit, the Boot Campers take on Strength Day and the lunchtime slot is always busy. However, tomorrow we’re not open, I’m having  a rare day off. But I’m not leaving you without a training option.

And a little eggsperiment.

They tell us that chocolate stimulates an endorphine response in the body. It is this that makes us feel good while eating it, and one of the reasons why it is so addictive. We know that exercise stimulates an endorphine response, that lovely high you get following a challenging session.

So Easter weekend gives us a great opportunity to do some science.

First I want you to pick one of the two bodyweight workouts. The first is a full workout that requires no external equipment to perform (although I do use my son for added resistance in the video…) the second is a shorter challenge workout. If you’ve been around WG-Fit for any amount of time, you will have done the Swing / Push Up or the Swing / Burpee challenge, it was the old fitness test on the Boot Camp. Well this is easter so we’ve adjusted it, the little bunny hops around to deliver your eggs, so in the workout we’ve replace the kettlebell swing with jump squats in honour of the noble creature.

Watch the videos, pick one and get on with it. When your done and finished your cool down, take a note of how you feel for the next hour or two as your body is flooded with pain relieving endorphines.

Bodyweight Workout: [youtube]

Bodyweight Challenge (don’t forget to time yourself) [youtube]

Take a few minutes to warm up and cool down. Note how good you feel.

A while later you may launch into your easter eggs, once again you will be subject to an endorphine response, take note of how this feels over the next hour or two.

Compare the two results and let me know your conclusion.

There you go, a scientific reason to go nuts on training and chocolate!

See you Tuesday

PS – I had planned to upload the Kettlebell Lifting Manuals to the website this weekend, but I’ve had a few technical difficulties. The Level 1 and 2 manuals will be available from our sister site on Tuesday, I’ll post here as soon as they’re up. They’re priced at €12.99 each, but as special offer launch price they’ll be two for one….. Or you could attend the workshops and receive a copy free…….

“The manual which was given at the end was incredibly detailed with photos and tips of the 3 main moves covered in Level 1. The manual alone is worth 30euro, the cost of the workshop!! “ – Roseanne Kelly

Also, before you go – Next Boot Camp – 23rd May – Places limited, book early!

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