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An Easy Way to Do More

This morning’s bootcamp ended, the guys tidied away their kit and spent the last bit of time on elements they wanted to work on.

Some stretched. Some foam rolled.

But Mick does pull ups.

There was a long period he couldn’t do them due to elbow pain, but we worked that out so he’s making up for lost time Today another member decided to work in with him. Marc has been with me for years and knows most of my protocols. He suggested to Mick they work a ladder. Here’s how it goes: Mick does 1 pull up Marc does 1 pull up Mick does 2 pull ups Marc does 2 Mick 3, Marc 3 and so on Only resting for the duration of their parteners set Untill one of them hits failure Then they reset and start back at 1 rep. This continues until: You run out of time You hit a predetermined rep total You can no longe perform a single rep

It’s a very quick and enjoyable way to get some volume in on a lift. It works a treat with lower skill lifts, particularly bodyweight exercises. Try it with dips, V-Sits, Skater or Pistol Squats.

This still works if there’s a disparity between you and your buddy. Simply pick different variations of the drill so that you’re both working at a similar intensity.

Try it for yourself

And if you’ve any questions, drop me a line


Dave Hedges

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