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6 Awesome events down, 5 to go…

I’m exhausted.

The last few weeks have been completely off the scale! I didn’t think that one body was capable of handling such an amount of awesomeness!

But here’s what’s gone down:

  1. Irish Kettlebell Sports Championships – where Wild Geese Athlete Maria Moran came home with the winners trophy for the Women’s Long Cycle event, and the other guys put up great performances.

  2. 1 Mile Walking Swing Challenge – where myself and a handful of my guys took on 4 laps of an athletic track while swinging a kettlebell, that’s an average of 1800 swings per person. In doing so we’ve raised €2020 here and are awaiting a final cash count, I think we’ve hit our €5k target, but keep giving anyway, just in case…

  3. Son No. 1 started junior infants, the Little Man is slowly becoming a Big Man, today he turns 4! That means that WG-Fit is also 4 as I founded this while my wife was still pregnant. It’s been a roller coaster ride!

  4. Bodyweight Workshop – where I visited my old mate Gan Power at his new place Tramore Kettlebells. This was for a full day of bodyweight technique and training methodology. What realy made the event special were the questions that kept coming from the participants. Great event, thanks Gan for hosting.

  5. Steve Cotter’s whistle stop tour of Ireland! – where the one of the worlds most in demand coaches took a few days off to “touch base” with me. We decided it’s unfair him just coming to me so we decided to spread the awesomeness! We visited:

Belfast – where we met up with My O My Tv‘s and Girls Gone Strong founder Marianne Kane and were hosted by Stephen Clarke who owns & runs My Gym on the Edgar’s Industrial estate in Carryduff, if your in his vicinity, drop in.

Galway – where Sarah Smith hosted us at her new studio Galway Kettlebells. This was a great workshop as some old friends came to see us, as well as meeting up with new some people.

Wexford – where the inimitable Mick Kelly hosted us at his gym. Mick is the man behind the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation which is building a great community of Kettlebell Sport athletes and will also be taking an Irish  team out to Latvia later this month to compete. As usual, Mick put on a great show for us.

  1. Mike Mahler arrived in Ireland just after I’d dropped hi mate, Mr Cotter off at the Airport. Thankfully the job of hosting Mike fell to someone else so I could simply attend without any stress! I’ve been a fan of Mahlers work since I first heard of the Kettle, any of you out there with a desire to use kettles for strength and power, Mike is your man. His clear communication and personable teaching style made for a rewarding learning experience.  A shout goes out to Mark over at D8 Fitness for organising this event.

Now it’s time for some much needed rest before:

  1. Power Generation Workshops with Mick Coup – where Mick will be revealing the secrets behind real striking power. The first day will be all about the “highline” strike or rear cross, the second day will be “Lowline strike” or low kick. Mick’s work is purposefully arbitrary which means it is applicable to any style or system you may use. The teaching will show you how to put every ounce of your bodyweight into every strike you throw. Dates: 6 & 7 October, 1000 – 1400. Price: €50/day or €75 for both. Contact us for more info.

  2. Kettlebell Lifting Levels 1 & 2 workshops – where i teach the basics of kettlebell training. Levels 1 and 2 are foundation level and are designed for the beginner in mind or the instructor working with beginners. Dates: October 14th, Lvl 1:  1000 – 1200, Lvl 2: 1230-1400 Price: €50/level or €75 for both. Contact us for more info.

  3. Rapid Response Knife Defence Skills – where I’ll be teaching the non frills knife defence system as taught to me by Pat O’Malley. I’ve added my own spin on this already great course to make it that bit more real. The aim of this is to give you the basis to continue training the material, simply add it into your own training program. Date: 4th November, 1000 – 1600 Price: €50 f0r the full day. Contact us for more info.

  4. Bodyweight Workshop in Galway, looks like this will be early November, dates to be confirmed.

  5. Kettlebell workshop, Belfast – again, dates and location to be confirmed.

If I didn’t see you at any of the recent events, I hope to catch up with you at one of the planned events.

See you soon


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