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3 Exercises for the Prevention of Shoulder Injury

Pavel Tsatsouline once asked his audience:

“Put your hands up if you’ve ever had shoulder pain”

He watched a forest of hands go up.

“As I thought,” he commented, “and those of you that didn’t raise your hands, it’s because you can’t!”

Is he telling a joke, in his dry ascerbic style, or is he onto something?

In my mind and my experience, he’s dead right.

Anyone involved in contact sports, particularly martial arts will at some point hurt their shoulder. Many former rugby players train at WG and most have had multiple dislocations. I watch the Thai boxers who I love to see training as hard as they do, yet many develop forward rounded, internally rotated shoulders, a timebomb waiting to blow up. Not all mind, but the hardest hitters tend to have the worst shoulders.

Then there’s the Kettlebell Sports guys.

If your shoulders aren’t right, the kettlebell can either make you or break you.

So when Mark de Grasse the guy behind My Mad Methods, now Mega Mad Fitness contacted me and asked for my top 3 exercises to prevent shoulder pain, I was delighted to write for him.

Have a read here (click the image):

Click the image to read the article

Click the image to read the article

(if that doesn’t work, try this instead:

This weekend I’m back out studying under the Anatomy in Motion lads, Gary Ward and his right hand man Chris Sritharan. Learning from these two has revolutionised the way I look at people and the way in which they move and how best to train it to optimise athletic potential.

Which was something one of my clients and I were chatting about in the gym this afternoon and will be the subject of future posts.

The next post will be about how strength training and gym work DOES NOT improve human movement. A concept Chris Sritharan had fun challenging me on….

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Till next time..


Dave Hedges

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