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100 Rep Challenge – WGMA Style

Hard charging Wild Geese member, Ray, has come up with his own 100 Rep Challenge.

Ray has been with us for some time now and has become my go to guy if I need someone to cover a class. As time has gone on he has asked a whole heap of questions, taken a ream of notes and read half the books on my shelf.

So when he comes up with a workout idea, it’s usually a good one!

On the Tuesdays we have a large group, I usually take the beginners while the slightly more experienced guys and girls go with Ray. When he asked for the paint pen to write on the mirror I knew the guys were in for a tough session.

After taken his group through some basic strength drills, press and lunges mostly, he announced that they were going to do a race.

A race to 100 reps.

Here’s how it looked:

10 x Burpee 10 x Swing Left 10 x Swing Right 10 x Front Squats 10 x Snatch Left 10 x Snatch Right 10 x Squat Thrust 10 x Press Left 10 x Press Right 10 x Burpee

Give it a go, you only need 1 bell and a few minutes, just remember, it’s a race. If you’re training alone, set a stopwatch and record your time, beat it next time around.

Let us know how you get on.

For more 100 rep ideas, check out our friends website over at



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