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Wild Geese, Mental Health, RehabCare and Walking Kettlebell Swings – An Interview

We are now less than a week away from the 1 Mile Walking Kettlebell Swing challenge to raise much needed funds for the charity I work closely with, Rehab Care, specifically their HOPS centre. RehabCare HOPS is two minutes away from our studio in Westland Square. The centre deals with mental health. I’ve been working with the centre in an ever closer capacity over the last couple of years. Some of the regulars in and out of Wild Geese may have met some of the Rehab guys in passing.

This video is an interview I gave recently. I was asked about our place, about mental health, about Rehab and about the challenge itself.

In the video i say I wasn’t sure what weight Id be swinging for the mile, I have since settled on 24kg’s. It’s gonna suck. But this time I’ll not be alone, a handful of my guys will also be suffering with me as they attempt a mile of swings!

Please watch the video then follow the link below it to my fundraising page where you can donate to the cause.



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