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What if….

What if

What if we could roll back the clock to when people respected each other

What if we could go back to a time when elders were respected

What if we still tried to earn respect by first offering our own

What if we took responsibility cor our own failings, our own wins

What if we took a deliberate step each day to better ourselves

What if we looked at ourselves as the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with and did our best to raise that average

What if we reached down to help somebody up instead of reaching up to drag somebody down

What if we set standards to rise to

What if we took responsibility for ourselves

What if we made ourselves stronger than we need to be

What if we recognised that strength is not just about your physical attributes

What if we remembered that it’s discipline that frees us

What if we never expected anything and instead simply got on with it

What would you’re small part of the world look like  then?

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