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The best are better because……..

On Facebook yesterday I posted:

“No matter what level you are at, you must always practice your white belt techniques. That goes for everything.”

It’s currently gathering a bucket load of likes, which could be because:

  1. People get it and are having a “whoa dude, that’s deep!” moment

  2. It’s short and quotable so doesn’t take much thought, or

  3. You really do get it.

If it’s 3, I’m delighted.

Oddly enough, a mutual friend of mine was having a similar thought process on his facebook page but rather than using the martial arts terms of belt colours, he used the musical terms of scales.

Different analogy.

Same point.

Basics matter.

Regressions matter.

The best are only better because of their mastery over the basics.

The non sexy, repetitive, boring, basics.

But they’re only boring if you think they are.

A kettlebell swing is about as basic as it gets in the kettlebell world, yet it’s never boring.

A boxer doesn’t get bored throwing endless jab after jab.

A power lifter doesn’t get bored with the same three lifts.

A BJJ player doesn’t get bored with the armbar.

A vegetarian doesn’t get bored with carrots.

You get the idea.

Some people prefer to use the word Fundamentals rather than basics. Some say prerequisites.

They’re all correct, it’s about establishing a solid baseline to build upon and then returning there often enough to maintain it, shore it up, make it better so that you can build up further.


Do them.


Dave Hedges

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