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Standards, Either you meet them or you don’t


Either you meet them or you don’t

How you “feel” about the standards is irrelevant, they are simply standards.

Like the when we were kids and would be on our tip toes to try and be tall enough to get on the fairground ride only to still be told no.

We weren’t up to standard and there was nothing we could do about it no matter much we cried “Not Fair!!”

It’s a lesson I learned the hard way when coming up through martial arts. If my defence was substandard, I got my arse kicked. My fault, no one elses.

I did the work, raised my standard and no longer got my arse kicked.

Did I enjoy the work? Not particularly, but I enjoyed the result.

Lifting weights is much the same. 100kg will always be 100 kg, you either lift it, or you don’t. The weight doesn’t give a shit about how you feel, it’s just a weight.

Where’s all this coming from?

I just read this fantastic article on the EliteFTS site on this subject, and I’d like you to read it too:

Read it?


My friend Nessa, who works in the Mental Health sector calls this “Personal Responsibility” which basically means, the buck stops with you.

Now, are you 17 inches? Do you even know?

I have a measuring tape if you don’t.

Come get yourself measured.

Dave Hedges 

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