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Patiently powerful

We live in a now society

Everything is expected to be instant. To happen now

Unrealistic deadlines at work Instant messaging Email and a million other notifications popping up on the phone every few seconds.

TV is even on demand now, no more scanning the TV guide magazine that you just bought from the newsagent to see what time of which day your favourite TV show is on. And if you miss it. You’ve missed it! No “catch up” options back in the day!

Now before you all start shouting “whatever Grandad!!” at me, I love my Netflix!

But I still pace out the shows I watch.

But, back to the point of this post…


Fitness takes time.

It requires the constant and consistent application of effort over a period of months and years.

You simply cannot rush it

Yes, short term improvements can be made in short span of time. But these won’t last. Once gains are made, they need to bed in to become instantly accessible at a semi-permanent level.

What does instantly accessible mean?

I’m talking about in action outside the gym. In whatever athletic arena you perform, the ring, the octagon, the mat, the mountain, the platform.

I’m talking about in day to day use, where daily tasks become effortless. Stairs? Didn’t notice them. Carrying boxes? 2 at a time Run for the bus? Nah, race it to the next stop!

You get the idea.

Progress takes patience Patience is a skill modern society desperately needs to relearn.

Use the gym to develop patience and you will see progress in all aspects of life improve.

So warm up slowly. Take time setting up for that deadlift Learn good technique and never let it slide.

You can still train quickly Fast, but not rushed. Unhurried. Efficient.

Regards Dave Hedges

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