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More feedback from Steve Cotters Irish visit

Some of the other attendees from last weekends workshops have been updating their own blogs with details of their own experiences.

The first entry comes from a good friend of ours Kieran Dolan who owns and runs Dolan Fitness down in Tullamore, Co. Offally. If you click this image it’ll open a new window with his article in it.

Click to read Kieran's article

Then we have another piece from the rather lovely Marianne Kane, this was her first visit to Wild Geese and first time training under Steve, but I have to say she impressed with an open mindedness and work ethic. Clicking on this image will take you to her page:

And if you just want to see a couple of videos, well here they are:



As you can see it was a tough weekend, lots of work got done, lots of great info and knowledge was passed on and every one had a ball. Steve will be back, we’re looking at two potential dates, either a midweek event in October or a full weekend early next year. Drop me a comment or an email if you’ve a preference and I’ll get things organised with Steve.



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