Mile Swing Photo Gallery

It’s been a couple of weeks since we took on the Mile Swing challenge.

It seems like much longer.

At the time of writing, the challenge has raised €4,700 on our fundraising page (here:

Another €280 from Mind Over Metal T-Shirt sales (here:

And an as yet uncounted but rapidly growing amount of cash, I’ll announce that total in a day or two.

And then there’s still more coming in, not least down to Wg-Fit member Rob Hough taking on the Wim Hoff challenge and heading to Poland where he’ll climb a mountain with Wim and a few others dressed only in their shorts.

Monies raised by Rob for this challenge will be added to our total.

If we don’t beat our €6k goal, I’ll be very surprised.

All in, the guys from the RehabCare HOPS centre should get some serious benefit from this.

So thank you all.

On the day of the challenge, it wasn’t just me going round the track. Several of my members took part, including current World Champion Kettlebell lifter Maria Moran.

And we were also joined by lifters from Dublin and Waterford.

So this post is mostly about them.

It’s a photo gallery of images taken by action photographer extraordinaire Cecil Gordon of Cestheday photography (here:

Thanks to everyone who attended either to take part or simply to support on the day.

Of course, the day is just one small part of the event.

The day itself shows and inspires the service users in HOPS that people like us are out there looking out for them.

Be it by sweating and bleeding or simply donating.

The sweat provides inspiration.

The cash provides tangible services.

Again, that donation link is:

Give what you can, the page remains open until Dec 17th.

if you’d like to get involved with the Mile Swing or Mental Health, drop me line here or on facebook:


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