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Life (and training) explained by Lego…..


Other than being one of the most awesome toys ever created (the other being NERF guns……) gives us a great analogy on training, goal setting and progress.

And a cool song……

Anyhow, if you’ve lived under a stone and aren’t familiar with Lego, it goes like this…

You have a stack of lego bricks in different sizes and shapes, different colours, and you use them to build whatever you want.


And that is the key.

You don’t have to build the picture on the box.

You don’t have to follow the instructions.

But you do have to take one lego brick at a time and stick to another lego brick.

One by one.

And of you do, in time, with enough bricks, you end up with your creation.

This is the analogy.

Too many look at fitness, diet, goals and see nothing but the end product, essentially the picture on the box.

Not realising that the picture is merely a guide. A 2 dimensional recreation of what your finished product might look like.

It’s not the end product, it’s a representation of it.

The end product only comes about if you follow the steps.

Get one brick and stick to the next.

And the next.

And the next.

And that is how you train. It’s how you achieve whatever goal you set out to achieve.

One step leading to the next step, and the next.

Now, go do it.


Dave “I’ve got a 9 pack” Hedges

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