Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop – The Core Lifts

This will advance on the knowledge and skills gained in the level 1:

  1. You will take the swing from 2 handed to 1 handed and then into the Kettlebell Clean.

  2. You will take the Kettlebell Press into a Push Press.

  3. This will then be cemented in place by a short workout using the Clean & Push Press.

You will also learn one of the most beneficial lifts of any style of training:

The Turkish Get Up.

All the lifts on the level 2 will strongly work the core, developing a strong and resilient midsection. Strengthening the core is vital to developing strength and power in other areas.

As with the previous workshops the money will be donated to http://www.liastemcellfund.com/.

I’ve recently been told that Lia has turned 5years old and has beaten the odds again at Crumlin Childrens Hospital.

The workshop is open to everyone who has completed the Level 1 course, or those who have a grounding in Kettlebells and wish to improve their technique.

See you on March 28th, 12 noon.

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