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Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop – The Core Lifts

Since the success of the last two Level 1 kettlebell lifting workshops, we are pleased to announce the 1st of the Level 2 workshops.

This will advance on the knowledge and skills gained in the level 1:

  1. You will take the swing from 2 handed to 1 handed and then into the Kettlebell Clean.

  2. You will take the Kettlebell Press into a Push Press.

  3. This will then be cemented in place by a short workout using the Clean & Push Press.

You will also learn one of the most beneficial lifts of any style of training:

The Turkish Get Up.

All the lifts on the level 2 will strongly work the core, developing a strong and resilient midsection. Strengthening the core is vital to developing strength and power in other areas.

As with the previous workshops the money will be donated to

I’ve recently been told that Lia has turned 5years old and has beaten the odds again at Crumlin Childrens Hospital.

The workshop is open to everyone who has completed the Level 1 course, or those who have a grounding in Kettlebells and wish to improve their technique.

See you on March 28th, 12 noon.

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