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I’m sat here in the coffee shop between appointments this morning watching the world go by out the window.

The people who walk past the coffee shop every day are largely my target audience.

My gym is in the Irish Financial District, so many of my clients, especially the ones who attends during the day are office workers, accountants, solicitors mostly from the age of thirty and up.

So while I sit here I get to look out the window and watch my clients peers walk by.

People with grey skin People with mouths hanging open as they walk People with internally rotated shoulders People with limited to no hip extension. Everted calcaneouses And we’ll not mention the obvious waistline issues.

These are the peers of the people that attend Wild Geese Fitness

Yet the difference is remarkable.

If you’re in your thirties and “need” coffee to wake up. If you find walking up stairs difficult If walking from the train to the office is a trek

What will you be like in another thirty years?

I know what my clients will be like, and out won’t be much different to how they are now.

They ‘re paying into an insurance policy. They’re investing in their physical health now, saving up for later

Perhaps you should consider doing the same

Dave Hedges

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