“I think I like this more then the kettlebell “

“I think I like this more then the kettlebell ” says Imre to me this morning as he finishes a set of Mace 360’s

Imre is a big Hungarian hard charging powerhouse of a man.

Imre doing what Imre does

Imre doing what Imre does

As a man who works as a software engineer, getting to the gym is a real release for him, an opportunity to release the animal. An opportunity to balance the static nature and cerebral challenge his work with a more visceral physical challenge.

And it makes his shoulders and upper back feel brand new.

Mobile, strong and fresh.

He’s now a regular mace swinger and he’s already priced all the components to make one for home use.

So our big IT dude joins the ranks of our BJJ players, Mountain Bikers and Kettlebell Lifters who have found the Mace and the Indian Clubs to be a missing link in their training arsenal.

@sebastianwierzbinski of @forkandknifenutrition getting a bit of fresh air with a side of mace 360’s into his diet If you want to know more about how to use a Mace, we’re running a workshop in November. Details here: http://wg-fit.com/wp/indian-clubs-and-mace-workshop-nov-19th-2016/ #macetraining #mace #ironsupplements #wgfamily #irishfitfam #dublin2

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These tools offer a unique loading pattern for the shoulder girdle.

The weight is swung in a circular pattern.

This takes the joints through a huge range of motion.

It encourages the arm, scapula and the thoracic spine to move together, fluidly, smoothly.

The force it places on the body is generated by the momentum of the swing.

This centrifugal force generated by the song isn’t reliant on gravity or a cable stack or a rubber band.

Meaning that the entire upset body, particularly the scapula area, is loaded holistically without impact under a load that is decompressing joints that take a beating in everyday living, training and competing.

Jamie on the Mace 360’s Thus is a new movement for him, its his second session using it. But after a tough upper body session, a few minutes of these helps flush out the shoukders and upper back, integrating the training by getting the entire shoulder girdle moving through a full range of motion. #wgfamily #madelkcycles #irishfitfam #enduro #downhill #mountainbike #mobility #endurance #shoulder #shoulderhealth #finisher #

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To say I rate the Club and the Mace highly is an understatement. It is to the shoulders what the kettlebell is to the hips.

Which is why I’ve teamed up with Indian Clubs specialist Cillin Cleere to bring you a one day workshop to teach the fundamental principles and methods for safe and effective use of these tools.

For full details, follow this link:


Or if you can’t make that and instead want some regular tuition on using the Clubs, drop us a line about the Saturday Indian Clubs class lead by Kettlebell Sport World Champion, Maria Moran.


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