How to Run Efficiently, the EWYSO Way


If you believe the interweb, it’ll make you fat, slow, weak and injured.

Actually, there’s a lot of evidence to support all of that.

But does it have to be this way?

Is it really true that Humans aren’t meant to run?

I call bullshit.

Genus Homo Sapiens excels at running, our bodies are adapted with some really cool features that make us one of the most efficient ambulators on planet Earth.

Take for example our disproportionately large Gluteus muscles, the monster Achilles tendon and massively powerful Illiotibial band. Take the three arch structure of our foot with the 33 articulations that allow it bend and flexe on every step like leaf springs

Oh, hang on…..

I’ve just listed out all your injuries haven’t I? Your feet are rigid and immobile, you don’t have arches, you have plantar fasciitis. Your Achilles can’t load like a bungee cord because you have stupid tight calves. Your Glutes are “asleep” and your IT Band is pulled too tight…

And THAT is why you can’t run!

All the kit and technology that we have evolved over the various stages of development culminating in the all dominating Homo Sapiens is out of whack and not doing it’s job.

But what can you do to change that?

Over the weekend I met a little dynamo of a lady who has it figured out.

Helen Hall

Helen Hall came over to teach her Perpetual Forward Motion School of Efficient Running as laid out in her excellent book “Even With Your Shoes On”

We had assembled a mixed group of 15 folk, some keen and accomplished runners, some coaches, some therapists and some who struggle with running due to old injuries. 15 very different bodies with 15 different stories.