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Homemade Sandbag

This is about as cheap and convenient a piece of kit that you can get. Sandbag training is nothing new but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective, in fact it has stood the test of time unlike countless other training tools that are featured on those ridiculous infomercials late at night.

Why a sandbag? Simple, it’s unstable. The sand shifts inside, in fact when I introduced it to a client of mine she said “it’s like a bag of water”. So it’s unbalanced, so it challenges the core and stabilising muscles, it has no proper handles so the grip is challenged.

So how do we make one?

1 Get an old bag, either an Army Duffel bag from the surplus shop or grab your old beaten up holdall. 2 Nip down the builders hardware shop to get a bag of sand, heavy duty bin liners and duct tape.

3 Make packages by dividing he sand into the bin liners, they don’t have to be even. 4 Wrap the bags in duct tape so that they are reinforced, but leave them loose so that the sand can move. 5 Put the little bags into the large bag and lift!

Total cost of mine (bearing in mind this is Rip-Off-Ireland) €15

Now if you want to get a genuine purpose built sandbag, then the best on the market today come from Josh Henkin has the well earned reputation of being the foremost authority on sandbag training and spent a long time perfecting the design of his bags.


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