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Paddy’s Day and Sandbag Lifting

A very Happy St Patrick's day

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all the Wild Geese wherever in the world you may be. Drop me a comment and let me know what you are doing today.

What do I have planned?

Well I’m glad you asked.

Since the gym is closed today, I decided to bring home the sandbag for a back yard workout using it and some body weight exercises.

Here’s what I’m planning:

  1. Divebomber Push Ups

  2. Sandbag Halo to Squat

  3. Sandbag Clean & Press

  4. Pistol Squats L

  5. Pistol Squats R

  6. Sandbag Burpee with Power Clean

I’ll be working against the clock, 30 seconds per exercise with 10 second breaks, aiming for between 4 and 6 rounds.

Then, I just may rehydrate myself with a nice Guinness…..

For more on how to build your own sandbag, have a look here:


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